What companies or industries should have an emergency preparedness plan?


Any company wishing to minimize the disruption of their products and services to their clients and customers due to a natural disaster, catastrophe, hazardous accident or any other type of mishap, would benefit from having an emergency preparedness plan in place. Additionally, any company regulated by a government department or agency is required to have such plans in place.

Specific industries which would benefit from an emergency preparedness plan include:

– Utilities such as water, gas, electric, solar and wind farm companies
– Schools including colleges, universities, high schools, middle schools and grammar schools
– Financial institutions
– Hospitals and other smaller medical facilities
– Corporations, especially those with offices in expansive or multistory buildings
– Oil refineries and rigs
– Emergency responders such as fire, police, and EMT’s
– Hotels and resort areas
– Transportation industry assets, including airports, trains, bus depots and taxis

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