Why should I choose Emergency Preparedness Partnerships?


Emergency Preparedness Partnerships has worked within the utility and energy industries. Many of our clients include large gas and electric companies across the United States. Our projects have ranged from small projects where we supplement limited in-house staffing, to large scale emergency management planning and disaster simulation exercises. Our company is unique in its ability to handle these projects within the utility industry, as most of our consultants have extensive work histories within many of the major utility companies on the east coast. Given their vast work experience, our consultants have the background and knowledge about best practices to provide a plan which works for your company and your specific business goals.

Our consultants bring an average of 38 years of hands-on experience from the utility and emergency management industries, as well as law enforcement and FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Administration).Our consultants approach every project based on what will work in real-life situations, rather than theoretical scenarios. Our projects are reviewed and practiced with our clients to ensure there are no obstacles or challenges to implementation. At the end of each project, our clients have detailed working plans to help them minimize service disruptions during emergencies.

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