Your Partner in Preparedness

EPP’s team of experts will partner with you to create and improve your storm restoration and emergency preparedness programs, plans and processes

How We Work

EPP offers a wide range of emergency planning and business continuity services. Our team collaborates in partnership with our clients, using a modular approach, tailored to your organization’s particular culture and needs, in order to create an emergency response plan that will reduce the impact of any hazard.

We can work with your organization via a comprehensive partnership, or offer our services in an “a la carte” manner – the choice is yours. Whether your business needs an emergency plan assessment, a complete overhaul, or customized training in simulated emergency situations, EPP can help.

No matter what option you choose, our process is as follows:

Free consultation

Let’s talk about your most pressing emergency preparedness issues and develop ideas to solve them

Kickoff meeting

We will work with you to confirm the expected outcomes of the project and ensure that nothing’s missed

Project planning

We will mutually agree upon and set realistic expectations as to what will be completed and when

Project execution

We’ll use the project plan to guide our activities and track progress, providing you with status reports along the way

Debrief and feedback

We want your feedback on how the project went and what we can do to improve in the future

We’ll keep you informed every step of the way with an established project plan and regular status updates, using benchmarked practices for each phase of the project. At EPP, our mission is to help keep emergencies from becoming disasters.

The 2 key phases of emergency planning are preparation and response. Pulling these services together at the last minute, or having unfamiliar processes in place, creates stress, costs money, lengthens outages, and angers your customers. EPP can help you keep all that from happening.

If you’re ready to get started, contact us for your free emergency plan, or business continuity and response assessment consultation.

Ready to move forward and create an emergency response plan that works?