Emergency Management Training

Specializing in the design and implementation of training programs customized to your organization’s unique needs and culture

Modular “a la Carte” Emergency Management Training

There’s one simple truth when it comes to emergency preparedness – it’s impossible to effectively and efficiently handle an emergency without comprehensive emergency response training. Training gives those who may be called upon to respond to an emergency the essential knowledge they need, the roles they must fulfill and the processes they must follow. EPP can help satisfy all of your organization’s training needs.

In addition to the design and execution of onsite emergency drills and exercises, EPP has developed “a la carte” emergency response training modules available to clients on an as-needed basis. Our training modules are delivered in a variety of formats depending on your specific needs – including instructor-led courses and workshops, videos, eLearning portals, downloadable materials such as PowerPoint presentations, handouts and infographics, and instructor guides. Budget-friendly and fully customizable, our a la carte training solutions are an important element of fostering an environment of continuous learning.

Key Benefits

  • Budget-friendly solution to facilitate continuous learning and keep employees up- to-date on evolving emergency plans and processes.
  • Fully customized, A-Z training program development and delivery to accommodate your unique needs and objectives.
  • Flexible delivery formats – ranging from full hands-on implementation to “download- ready” self-study modules.
  • Modular approach shortens the learning curve to more quickly clarify roles and responsibilities for new and/or second role employees.
Key Areas Of Focus

Incident Command System Training (ICS)

EPP’s expertise includes customizing training programs for your employees on following best-in-class Incident Command System (ICS) principles. It is especially helpful for training second role personnel, as well as those who are newly assigned to the emergency restoration function. This training module can be customized to fit your organization’s particular version of ICS organization, and has been developed based on the needs of the energy and utility industries.

Emergency Operations Center (EOC)Training

Organizing and running an efficient Emergency Operations Center is an acquired skill that normally takes a number of emergencies to hone. This training module will flatten the learning curve for new “Storm Bosses,” seconds-in-command, or those who are on the emergency command succession plan.

Liaison Training

For many people recruited into an emergency liaison role, communicating between public officials and other Incident Command functions is not their full time job. Second role liaison personnel need advanced skill sets to fulfill their role as customer and community advocates in this very high pressure function. EPP provides comprehensive training for first-timers in this role, and refresher courses for veterans of past emergencies who wish to become more effective advocates.

Minimize Tomorrow’s Emergencies by Preparing Today