Customized Emergency Response Plans

Emergency preparedness services including plan and procedure development, exercises and drills, and employee training tailored to your organization

Satisfy Your Company’s Emergency Preparedness Needs with Customized Emergency Planning, Training Content Delivery, and Training Exercise Execution

Emergency preparedness has one basic goal: to keep the business operating and the customers satisfied, in spite of disruptive crises – in other words, to keep emergencies from becoming disasters.

To help you meet this goal, EPP offers a range of emergency preparedness services – broadly encompassing assessment, planning, training and practice – which can be suited to your organization’s specific culture and needs.

Whether your business needs an existing emergency response plan assessed, a complete overhaul of emergency planning processes and procedures, or customized training in simulated emergency situations, EPP can help. With decades of utility experience, EPP’s associates are well-equipped to help your organization with all aspects of emergency preparedness.

Key Benefits

  • No one-size-fits-all approach – we can handle everything from small, one-off projects all the way up to full coordination of all your emergency planning and training needs… you choose.
  • Unique, fully customizable partnership model to optimize the process of identifying vulnerabilities, recommending solutions, and flattening the learning curve.
  • Our team has decades of real world incident response experience in the utility space, thereby ensuring best-in-class recommendations and deliverables.
Key Areas Of Focus

Emergency Planning

Any company wishing to minimize the disruption of their products and services to their clients and customers due to a natural disaster, catastrophe, hazardous accident or any other type of mishap, would benefit from having an emergency preparedness plan in place. When no plan is in place, or when an existing plan is ineffective, it creates stress, costs money, lengthens outages, and angers customers. It can also expose your organization to unwanted regulatory scrutiny.

EPP can help you keep all that from happening. We can do everything from auditing your existing emergency plan to assess potential threats, vulnerabilities, processes and protocols, to completely developing a new plan from scratch. Either way, we’ve been at this for a long time and we can help facilitate full knowledge transfer to your organization.

Training Content Delivery

Once the plan is developed, EPP’s team of experts will help you build awareness of the plan via self- study and/or classroom-style training for your employees so they will know exactly what to do when an emergency arises. The standard operating procedures will be outlined and reviewed so when severe storms create havoc or critical situations arise, your employees will be ready to react and perform efficiently. From downloadable, “on-demand” content to instructor-led courses and workshops, we can customize the content delivery in a way that best meets your organizational needs.

Implementation of Team Drills and Exercises

Exercises and drills are useful for pressure-testing emergency personnel’s knowledge of the plan, as well as validating the effectiveness and adequacy of the plan itself. The knowledge gained through this form of practice starts a feedback loop for further assessment, planning, training and continuous improvement.

EPP’s associates have decades of hands-on training expertise. We will work with your organization to design, develop and execute anything from tabletop exercises to full scale, incident-realistic exercises customized to the specific areas identified by you. We take care of everything, including pre-planning to identify and document your training objectives, developing realistic event scenarios specific to your culture or geographic region, executing and moderating the drill or exercise including the debriefing, and creating written plans and after-action reports to detail areas of improvement and provide solutions to closing any identified gaps in your process. Our team of experts is also available to be a neutral third- party observer to any in-house disaster planning exercises you may be performing.

Minimize Tomorrow’s Emergencies by Preparing Today