Michael M. D’Auria

    Michael D’ Auria has 38 years experience in the electric and gas utility industry. His area of specialization for EPP includes managing response and restoration events, conducting physical security assessments and planning for critical infrastructure protection.

    Prior to joining EPP, Mike spent his career with Orange and Rockland Utilities, a subsidiary of Con Edison. There he had managerial responsibility for Systems Distribution and Restoration and Emergency Preparedness. Mike developed and maintained effective and comprehensive security, energy and corporate operating response and recovery plans and ensured full integration of the plans throughout the Company. He also led the company’s Y2K initiative.

    Mike established and maintained effective liaisons with municipal emergency preparedness officials, law enforcement agencies, emergency services providers, utility mutual aid coordinators, and elected as well as appointed municipal officials. He developed, facilitated and coordinated corporate and functional area drills and exercises. Mike created, maintained and analyzed work and manpower planning models for staffing of critical incidents; tracked and audited incident expenditures; researched and analyzed significant expenses and variances attendant with emergency preparedness and response. Mike acted as the Incident Commander under ICS protocols and supervised incident response and recovery operations during major events.

    Immediately following the September 11, 2001 attacks, Mike undertook a major role in the company’s security and counter terrorism initiative. He developed and implemented a comprehensive vulnerability study of the corporation’s assets and put in place business continuity and response plans for each. He also created a corporate departmental relocation plan. Mike developed a Corporate Threat Alert Matrix that identified individual department’s response to each of the five national alert levels.

    Mike has received certification as an Incident Command Trainer from the New York State Emergency Management Office (NYSEMO) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Emergency Management Institute (EMI). He also is certified by FEMA and EMI in the following: Emergency Management Principals, Emergency Program Manager Position, Emergency Planning, Effective Emergency Response Communications, Decision Making & Problem Solving, Leadership & Influence, Developing and Managing Volunteers, and Exercise Design.

    Mike was an active participant in the following organizations: New York State Public Service Commission Office of Counter Terrorism Task Force; New Jersey State Utilities Terrorism Working Group; Pennsylvania State Office of Counter Terrorism Task Force; New York’s Zone 4, Private Sector Security Task Force; Passaic County New Jersey Terrorist Task Force; Nuclear Regulatory Committee Terrorist Committee; Edison Electric Institute (EEI) Security Working Group; Sullivan County Disaster Assessment Team; Rockland County Emergency Response Team; Indian Point Emergency Response Team; New Jersey Emergency Preparedness Conference Training Committee; New York Mutual Assistance Committee; Mid Atlantic Mutual Assistance Committee; New England Mutual Assistance Committee.