EPPs Caffrey Conducts Staging Area Presentation

Hammonton, NJ – December 2009 Michael Caffrey was a presenter at a meeting of the Wisconsin Utilities Association Mutual Assistance Group (WI-MAG) meeting held on December 1, 2009. He presented an overview on staging areas – how to decide when you might need one, what should be included in a staging area, how to develop a staging area plan and how to manage large-scale resource mobilization of personnel and equipment once you’ve pulled that trigger.

Caffrey, Vice President of Emergency Preparedness Partnerships (EPP) noted, “The work of restoring customers in a timely manner requires a logistics network that fully supports the efforts of the entire construction management process.  A staging area can provide the necessary support services that are needed to provide a cost-effective structure to the overall customer restoration process.  The concept of a staging area requires a significant amount of preparation by the Logistics and Operations Teams in order for the process to work effectively”.

Caffrey is well equipped to discuss staging areas as well as all other areas of emergency management.  He has over 44 years of experience in the utility industry and is an expert in the fields of coordinating response and restoration events, conducting physical security assessments, and planning for critical infrastructure protection.

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