Jersey Shore Partnership Selects EPPs Unger for Directors Board

Hammonton, NJ – September, 2007Eileen Unger, President of EPP, was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Jersey Shore Partnership for a two year term at their annual meeting held on December 8, 2010. She joins an established group of business and industry leaders in their mission to raise the awareness of state and federal officials and the general public to the need for safeguarding the 127 miles of New Jersey shoreline through beach restoration and other shore protection methods.

“Emergency preparedness efforts, particularly along our coastal communities, are an important concern of ours, and I’m pleased to be a part of the advocacy efforts of the Jersey Shore Partnership”, said Unger. “Through the advocacy efforts of the Jersey Shore Partnership and the support and commitment of our state and congressional leaders, New Jersey’s beach communities are better prepared for an impending severe storm.  More than 50 million cubic yards of sand have been pumped onto the beaches preventing serious flooding of roadways, businesses, boardwalks and homes.”

The Jersey Shore Partnership is an advocate of initiatives that are unique and important to the Jersey Shore coastal communities with an emphasis on shore protection and beach replenishment. The Partnership takes an active role in New Jersey’s economy including tourism, coastal resources, vital infrastructure, education and emergency preparedness.

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