A Labor Day Appreciation

There aren’t many products or services that are expected to be
available 24/7/365. Of those that are: electric, gas and water utilities are at
the top of the list along with public safety first responders. Yet the hard
work and labor that go into providing those services usually go without notice,
until they cease to be available.

But we know better. So with Labor Day almost upon us as we post
this, we thought it fitting to give credit where it is due. Happy Labor Day;
and thanks….

You keep us warm when it’s cold.
You keep us cool when it’s hot.
And because of what you do,
You make life more livable.

You wash our clothes, and then you dry them.
You refrigerate and freeze.
You keep the water we drink safe, and abundant.
And because of what you do,
You make life more livable.

You light the night.
You keep the traveler moving, and safe.
The banks, the markets, the malls,
The diners and restaurants, the gas stations,
The barbers and hairdressers,
The coffee shops and dollar stores,
All work because of what you do.
And because of that, you make life more livable.

Lawyers and doctors,
Hospitals and Nursing Homes,
Hotels and Motels,
Swimming Pools and Amusement Parks,
Clubs and Casinos –
None could work without you.
And because of that, you make life more livable.

The storms come and go.
Snow, Fire, Ice, Heat, Flood,
Lightning and Thunder, Hurricane and Tornado
Are enemies you fight with long days and nights.
And because thousands depend on you
When the lines are down or the mains are broken,
You work to make life more livable.

You’ve guided traffic away from accidents.
You’ve called for help when you’ve seen distress.
You’ve rescued people in need.
You’ve administered CPR.
You’ve saved co-workers from injury and death.
And because of all that, you’ve saved lives.

You’ll work on Labor Day when the rest of us
Picnic, party, or hit the Sales,
You might grumble a bit about it.
You might think no one really cares
As long as the “lights” stay on,
The gas keeps flowing,
And water comes out of the tap.
But you make life more livable.

And that’s a noble thing to do.
So enjoy your Labor Day,
Whenever you get to take it.

Stay Safe this Labor Day and Forever.

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