Can Laser Defense Systems Defend Against Missiles?

laser defense systems

Laser defense systems are all the rage these days, because they can be utilized in multiple situations to prevent manmade disasters – whether it’s shooting down drones or blasting North Korean missiles before they can inflict harm, the possibilities are endless.

Laser Defense Systems and Emergency Preparedness

The reality is that missile defense systems have been around in some form or fashion for a couple of decades at this point.  The Air Force began working on this type of defense system in 1996, and it has not looked back since.  In fact, as of this writing, the Missile Defense Agency was evaluating the feasibility of developing and deploying laser-armed drones!

This article about missile defense got me thinking about how laser defense systems could impact emergency preparedness for utility companies.  The bottom line is that anything that has the potential to prevent or reduce disasters helps can only help utilities.

We often think about massive natural disasters like Superstorm Sandy, Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, but at least we typically have enough advance warning as to properly prepare for these types of events.  But manmade emergencies cannot be predicted.  This, in a nutshell, is why things like laser defense systems are to be applauded.

I definitely encourage you to read the article I linked to above if you want more information on this tactic.  It’s a very thorough and well-written overview of how these systems work.  And even if you don’t read the article, just remember, you must strive to be prepared for any emergency situation – whether it’s a hurricane, tornado, or a missile attack going head-to-head with one or more laser defense systems.  In this world, anything can happen.  Good luck!

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