Eileen Unger Featured in SNJ Business People

Hammonton, NJ – February 2009 – Each month, SNJ Business People Magazine asks local executives to answer questions that help define a topic. Eileen Unger, President of Emergency Preparedness Partnerships, was asked “From a technological standpoint, which product, program or gadget has had the most impact on your business?”

Following is Eileen’s reply:

“Social media, and new applications for existing technology, have had a huge impact on how companies and communities plan for crisis and emergency restoration communications. Because text messaging (or SMS) works much of the time when voice service is overloaded, people may be sending or receiving key information they need to protect themselves and others during and after emergencies.

Many think of social media channels (blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) for their entertainment value, but it’s also a way to communicate with a specific target audience during an emergency. Since social media channels allow for both sharing and seeking information, it becomes a way for people managing an emergency to obtain important information from the field, and convey potentially life-saving information to their constituents (employees, residents, responding agencies, etc.).

Locally, the Philadelphia Office of Emergency Management (OEM) has a profile on Twitter, with several hundred people following their updates.”

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