EPPs Presents to the New Jersey Common Ground Alliance

Hammonton, NJ – October 2010 Eileen Unger was a presenter at a meeting of the New Jersey Common Ground Alliance meeting held on October 6, 2010 at the Middlesex County Fire Academy. She presented an overview on how to conduct effective emergency restoration exercises and what can be learned from them.

Unger noted, “The work of restoring customers in a timely manner requires a effective plan and the opportunity to practice. Exercises provide the opportunity to practice and apply knowledge and skills, and there are many things that you won’t find out until you actually put that plan into action”.

About the New Jersey Common Ground Alliance

In recent years, the New Jersey Common Ground Alliance has established itself as the leading organization in an effort to reduce damages to all underground facilities in New Jersey through shared responsibility among all stakeholders. The New Jersey Common Ground Alliance is an affiliate of the national Common Ground Alliance (CGA), a member-driven association dedicated to ensuring public safety, environmental protection, and the integrity of services by promoting effective damage prevention practices.

About the Common Ground Alliance (CGA)

The CGA was created in 2000 to identify and publish best practices that lead to a reduction in damage. These best practices are endorsed by numerous stakeholders, including representatives from the excavation, road construction, electricity, oil, natural gas transmission and distribution, telecom, railroad, public works, equipment manufacturing, regulatory, insurance, emergency management, and engineering industries, to name a few. Today, CGA has 1,600 members across 250 member associations. The CGA was created as a continuation of the damage prevention efforts embodied by the 1999 DOT Common Ground Study, which embodied a collaboration of 160 industry professionals who identified best practices relating to damage prevention.

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