EPP’s Unger Speaks at the OSHA – Northern NJ Federal Safety and Health Council Meeting

Hammonton, NJ – November 2006Eileen Unger spoke about Emergency Preparedness Planning at the quarterly meeting of the Northern New Jersey Federal Safety and Health Council. “This is a good news, bad news story. The good news is that major disasters don’t occur frequently. The bad news is that disasters don’t occur frequently,” explained Unger. “As a result, an ‘out of sight, out of mind,’ mentality can set in. With too many organizations, emergency preparedness becomes a priority only after an emergency has struck.”

Unger has been involved in emergency planning for utilities for decades, and she is a recognized expert in her field.  Her company EPP was formed because her expertise is vast and extremely valued.  Helping utilities plan for the worst is what she does, so this opportunity is truly a natural fit for her skill set.

About the Councils – Most federal safety agencies are reliant on outside sources for the training, education, and new ideas necessary for maintaining optimum efficiency, and well-being of employees, volunteers, contractors, and the public. The non-profit Field Federal Safety and Health Councils (FFSHCs) leverage scarce resources by sponsoring training seminars locally, and coordinating shared occupational safety and health (OSH) resources and expertise to aid agencies with inadequate or limited resources.

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